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The Day Before Spring Came

Sometimes everything happens at the same time

Ellinor is a 52-year-old pastor. Now divorced, she lives alone with her 18-year-old son Dean and plays in a band to counterbalance her day-to-day life. The sudden death of her neighbor causes Ellinor to contemplate not only the ...

The Afterlife Can Stuff It

Ghost meets My Best Friend's Wedding

Since the death of his wife, David has immersed himself in his professional life and in caring for his eccentric father. Occasional attempts at romantic rendezvous fail as a result of David's shyness. Until he falls for Selma. However, ...

Clara Dorn goes Holy

'I'm going to hell.'
'Don't you think you might be exaggerating a little?'

What do you do when you've spent your entire life gushing poison and it suddenly dawns on you that no one's going to come to your funeral? The only answer is sainthood. At least it's worth a try...

Alma & Jasmin

After a collision on the street, the souls of Alma (72) and Jasmin (30) swap bodies. By the time they notice the exchange, unmitigated chaos is already in full swing. In a rough and ready fashion, they both do what they can to make the best of things between afternoon tea dances on one hand and ...

Rights sold: Czech Republic

Turn Left at the Next Man

Lucie may be drop-dead gorgeous and utterly charming, but she lacks orientation in life, love and motoring. When she buys a second-hand sat-nav at the local flea market, the seller hands it to her with the words "may you reach your destination". A bit much, thinks ...


They haven't seen each other in over twenty years - now they find themselves face-to-face in a radio debate. But Iris and Ben never had any trouble arguing. Whether as kids playing with their toys or as peacenik teens in the mid-eighties, one of them would always wind up breaking ...