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The School above the Clouds

Even angels have to go to school

It's the first day of class at the school above the clouds! Angelina, a guardian angel-in-training, has reached her goal. What will the other angel students be like? What do they already know about Earth and humans? Luckily, Angelina ...

Moni Port

The Sleepless Book

A Children's Book about Restlessness

When you can't go to sleep at night, the strangest thoughts often appear.
The pictures and concepts swing between fears and wishes, between fact and fantasy. Moni Port draws us in with her unique narration and collage ...

Gudrun Schury

Bouncer, Bulb, Balloon

The Little Book of Everyday Things

How did the teddy bear come by his name? How did the common or garden sausage become that barbecue staple - the hot dog? And to what lucky accident do we owe the ice lolly?
Every day we pick up things we know hardly anything about. They may be familiar objects, but we have no idea of the ...

Moni Port

The Little Monster Makes a New Friend

What's all this sudden clattering in his room? The Little Monster is curious. Although his monster-mother expressly urged caution, he desperately wants to find out who's making such a racket in the middle of the night. It turns out to be a new room-mate - a hamster by the name of Specki.

Rights sold: Sweden

Moni Port

There's No Such Thing as Children! - A bedtime story for little monsters

The poor little monster just can't get to sleep in the mornings because he's scared of the child in the bed above him - no matter how many times his mother assures him that children don't exist. But what if they did? When his mother finally falls asleep, totally ...

Rights sold: Sweden

Moni Port

The Book of Courage

Fear can show us the way…

Fear is important. Fear is part of life - no one knows that better from first-hand experience than a child. And it's good to know how to make certain it never gets the upper hand.

Fear is a profound and exciting subject, and ...

Rights sold: Spain (cast., cat.)

Moni Port

I Know That!

Small children are interested in everything. Even the tiniest things. Even things that adults tend to find unimportant - or disgusting. Or even dangerous. The book artist Moni Port cleverly takes on this very special perspective. Her book of things is a wonderfully carefree compendium of ...