The Reluctant Heroes

There were several moments when the whole story could have taken a very different direction. But, I think the minute we set eyes on Marie, the course of events was set in motion .

At first the narrator Magnus, his best friend Sebi and the others involved in the »project« would meet up to read their poems to each other. Then, when Sebi brings along the charismatic Marie, who he is completely crazy about, the project takes on a political dimension: on a whim, the friends cover the election posters of the right-wing »Citizen’s Alliance« party with their own slogans. The campaign soon develops a momentum of its own, as the outraged Citizen’s Alliance take the matter very seriously indeed, and Magnus and his friends soon have firsthand experience that shows that this is no joking matter.

The local press take up the story and portray them to the public as heroes with great moral courage. For a brief period this unexpected success goes to their heads – finally their lives stop plodding along in the same old dreary manner and something is happening at long last! But, fairly soon, everyone involved in the project becomes aware of the ambivalence of this unsought glory and the price they are forced to pay. Not only are they are threatened by a gang of skinheads, but there are also divisions which start to appear within their own ranks, because it is hard for Sebi to accept that Marie isn’t interested in him, but has fallen in love with Magnus instead. As a result, he pursues their political activities with even greater fervour, and sets in motion a train of events that takes on increasingly dangerous aspects ...


dtv Junior
256 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-78207-4
7. Auflage 2015