Taking It Icy

Icelandic art of living for beginners and connoisseurs

With photos and illustrations

Drive, flexibility and spontaneity have always been the hallmarks of the isolated North Atlantic island dwellers. Not only have these characteristics helped them to weather the tough conditions of daily life in their inhospitable climate and rough landscape over the centuries, but also to conquer the more recent economic crisis and volcanic eruption – the Icelanders have simply had it worse. So they are always willing to have a stab at new things, always in keeping with the motto “Þetta reddast” – it’ll all work out in the end, one way or another.

Alva Gehrmann shows how we can bring this dynamism and optimism to our own lives – in our work, family and social life – to help us cope with major and minor crises, or realize our creative potential. The book offers expert advice and practical instructions for all these areas and more. So: what are we waiting for – let’s do it the Icelandic way!


dtv Sachbuch
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34971-0
13. März 2020