In Search of World Peace

A political concept

The world is completely out of joint and most of us haven’t even noticed. However there are some people who are only too well aware of this predicament: terrorists and heads of state. They are taking advantage of the cracks in failing states for their own gain–and the number of failed and failing states is constantly on the rise. Each new crisis triggers hectic responses in the form of peace policy tourism at the highest level. But it never seems to offer a solution. Why is that so?

Political reasoning is based on international law, which in turn is based on the concept of the nation state. But what’s omitted from the equation is the fact that many state borders are entirely arbitrary, drawn up in the wake of post-colonialism or as a result of political and economic interests disregarding the needs of the local populace.

  • an appeal for rethinking peace policies

  • Wolffsohn goes against the grain of established political theory

Press acclaim
• Wolffsohn offers us abundant food for thought. He addresses topical issues and proposes concrete suggestions for their resolution.
- www.ndr.de

• a thought-provoking book by an intelligent political thinker
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dtv Sachbuch
216 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34946-8
24. Mai 2019