Who's Who in Opera

All about Don Giovanni, Aida and company.

They suffer, they laugh, they love each other and separate again, they quarrel, they rape and they murder. And they sing at the time. These characters have fascinated audiences in opera houses all over the world, attracting their sympathy, distrust, or fury. What happened to Lulu? Is she really the man-devouring witch? Or Siegfried - what happened on his way to death in 'Götterdämmerung'? Did Jenufa kill her child, or was it Steva who did it? Did the Komtur take revenge on Don Giovanni for his own death? What was the story of the Troubadour in Verdi's opera that Caruso said he could not tell even after the 100th performance?

The ABCs of opera figures give all kinds of information about the major protagonists of opera music of the last four centuries, from Monteverdi's first masterpieces to Philip Glass.

The authors, renowned specialists, trace the conduct of the figures, characterize the singing heroes and demonstrate the changes in interpretation and essential nature over the course of the history of opera.


dtv Sachbuch
480 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34126-4
3. Auflage, Oktober 2004