dtv-Atlas Bible

Includes 115 coloured illustrations
The bible is not a book, it is a collection of books, which were written centuries ago by a range of different people, living in different times and writing with different aims in mind. And it is perhaps this complexity that has led to a degree of confusion over the ages. For although the bible is the most successful bestseller of all times, has been translated into more than 1300 languages, and at least half a billion copies of it fill bookcases and lie on bedside tables around the world, knowledge of its contents has shrunk to zero over the past decades. Who remembers what the snake said to Eve? How old Noah was when he conceived Shem, Ham and Japhet? What is the meaning of the names of Leah's sons Ruben and Simeon? And what is Joseph’s recurring dream? To answer these questions, you ‘only’ need to have read Genesis, the first book of the bible, but most people are not even familiar with this short text. So this atlas serves as an invaluable introduction - it explains the structure of the bible and its historical background, as well as detailing the current position in the field of modern bible studies.


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