dtv-Atlas Astronomy

With 135 color charts by Harald and Ruth Bukor

A history of astronomy – Instruments and research methods – Spherical and gravitational astronomy – The planetary system – Comets, meteors and interplanetary matter – The Milky Way – The stars: their origins, formation and life-cycle – Extragalactic space – Cosmology – An atlas of the stars

The ›dtv-Atlas of Astronomy‹ outlines the methods used and latest discoveries made in the field of astronomy. The primary aim is to provide all the information a layperson or amateur enthusiast would need for a theoretical understanding or practical study of the universe. This atlas is an accessible introduction for anyone interested in the science relating to outer space and, thanks to the comprehensive index, it can also serve as a reliable reference book.


dtv Sachbuch
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-03267-4
15. Auflage, März 2005
Rights sold: France, Hungary
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