dtv-Atlas Ethnology

with 140 colour charts by Bernd Rodekohr
While initially ethnologists exclusively concentrated on studying the way of life and social systems of non-European, so-called ”primitive” races, and folklorists tended to confine their research to their local culture, particularly turning their attention to the traditional customs of European rural populations, this division has largely fallen away and cultural comparison and analysis at a global level, in regard to complex societies within as well as beyond Europe, has become the new paradigm.

Taking this development as its departure point, this atlas provides the reader with the tools with which to compare knowledge about individual groups or cultures with related information about other groups or cultures, enabling an easier distinction between general primeval behaviour and that peculiar to particular cultures.


dtv Sachbuch
320 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-03259-9
2. Auflage 2010
Rights sold: Hungary, Spain (cast.)