dtv Atlas Psychology (2 volumes)

The ›dtv-Atlas of Psychology‹ consists of two volumes offering a systematic overview of the fundamental theories and methodology used, as well as the various different forms of experience and behaviour displayed by mankind that are examined by psychologists.


Volume 1: Terminology – A history of theories – Methodology – Statistics – Neuro-

psychology – The psychology of perception – The psychology of memory– The psychology of learning – Cognitive psychology – The psychology of communication – The psychology of emotions

Volume 2: The psychology of personality – Developmental psychology – Social psychology – Crowd psychology – Environmental psychology – Animal psychology – Psycho-diagnostics – Clinical psychology – Applied psychology – Cultural psychology

In keeping with the dtv-atlas format, colour charts and diagrams illustrate the explanations in the text. Thus the atlas serves as a concise introduction to the area of psychological study in its entirety. A glossary of psychological terminology, a detailed index and bibliography make it in addition a reliable reference work.


dtv Sachbuch
248 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-03224-7
8. Auflage, Juli 2006
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