dtv-Atlas Chemistry (2 volumes)

The two-volume ›dtv-Atlas of Chemistry‹ outlines the basics principles of and advances made in modern chemistry. It is designed to be used by school-children, laboratory assistants, technicians, students, teachers and the general public alike. Volume 1 is an introduction to general and inorganic chemistry, while volume 2 covers organic chemistry and synthetics.

In keeping with the dtv-atlas format, each section of concisely written explanatory text occupies the right-hand page, with illustrative graphics, diagrams and colour charts on the left-hand page. A detailed index and complete list of further sources of information help to make the atlas a comprehensive reference work.


dtv Sachbuch
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-03217-9
10. Auflage 2006
Rights sold: France, Hungary
Rights available again: Italy, Spain