dtv-Atlas of School Mathematics

With 124 pages of coloured charts by Carsten Reinhardt
The dtv-Atlas of School Mathematics helps school children find their way through the math jungle, so that once they’ve whizzed through their homework with ease, they have all the time in the world left to give their undivided attention to the more enjoyable things in life.

The sections on sets, numbers, equations, inequalities, ratios, functions and plane and solid geometry are devised for use from grade 9 upwards.

The chapters on lines, differential and integral calculus, coordinate geometry, vector analysis, stochastics and artificial language are intended for students from the second year of secondary school onwards.

To make things easier, the text passages are in four-colour print, so that students can find proofs, theorems, etc. at a glance.

The charts include numerous exercises to help reinforce material taught in class. The author has taken care to make the examples as accessible as possible, explaining things step by step. A collection of formulas and an index make for easy reference.


dtv Sachbuch
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-03099-1
3. Auflage, April 2003
Rights sold: Japan