I'll Get Old Later

New ways to stay fit

“We all grow old. It’s the how that matters.”

Dr. Marianne Koch shows us how we can remain mentally young, healthy and energetic. She has dubbed this “successful aging”, and in this book, she describes what all that involves. In nine chapters, Marianne Koch illuminates both the physiological and the psychological aspects that accompany the aging process. She addresses self-confidence, nutrition and exercise, lifelong learning, the problem of loneliness, how to cope with losses, and the importance of never losing
the desire to try something new.
What remains at the end is a single question: Who am I today - and who would I like to be tomorrow? Time and time again, Marianne Koch writes from her own experiences, telling stories and providing advice and valuable recommendations.

• Marianne Koch’s books have sold over half a million copies
• Wise, charming and wonderfully comprehensible - with personal tips from Germany’s famous doctor


dtv Sachbuch
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28298-7
7. Auflage 2021