“You couldn’t be more alone”

Our representatives - caught between power, addiction and fear
In their election districts, they are kings. In Berlin though, they are often just benchwarmers of little renown. And yet, the 709 members of the Bundestag, Germany’s Federal Parliament, constitute the backbone of our democracy.
Who are these 221 women and 488 men? How do they work? How do they form their opinions? How do they manage the balancing act between their districts, where most of their families live, and Berlin, the metropolis of loneliness and temptations? How are they coping with the increasing aggression in the world? How do they work through the daily pressures? How do they balance party loyalty with freedom of conscience? How do the female representatives deal with the atmosphere of sexualized masculine dominance?
Peter Dausend and Horand Knaup have documented political developments for decades now. The trust that they have established with the representatives is the basis for the conversations behind this book, the first large-scale reportage on the inner workings of our power structure. Several dozen politicians, some under the condition of anonymity, provide deep insights into their daily lives, as well as the constraints, fears and secrets that they live with.
  • The dark side of power: pressure, fear, addiction, hatred - loneliness
  • The first intimate portrait of the people who determine our policies
  • For the first time ever, several dozen representatives, staff members and relatives have opened up about their experiences in lengthy interviews, providing very personal accounts about their lives in the political sphere


dtv Sachbuch
464 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28249-9
18. September 2020