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Hitler Youth Franz Schall

The diaries of a young Nazi

The only existing document of its kind

Former Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth Movement) member Franz Albrecht Schall’s early diaries show how he became caught up in the maelstrom of National Socialism as a young man. Rallies, parades, political lectures and publicity tours are recorded alongside his personal impressions of the Führer. While his father was imprisoned for his links with the opposition, young Schall carved out a career for himself within the Nazi dictatorship. His faith in the regime remained unwavering almost to the very end of the Second World War.

The diaries demonstrate the appeal of Nazi ideology to young people in a frighteningly realistic way. As well as offering historical context, this book brings a new perspective to the highly topical theme of the ideological seduction of adolescents.

  • Contemporary history through adolescent eyes
  • A timeless topic: the ideological seduction of youth
  • Featuring a wealth of photos, illustrations and facsimiles of original documents
  • Review in New Books in German


dtv Sachbuch
360 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28105-8
23. September 2016
Rights sold: Japan, Turkey