The Abdication

The decline of the German monarchy

1918 saw the abdication not only of William II, the German Emperor and King of Prussia, but three other kings and regents of the innumerable German royal houses – a unique historical phenomenon and a truly spectacular sequence of events. Conceived in commendably lucid, eidetic language, Lothar Machtan’s fascinating analysis is based on in-depth research drawn from a wealth of hitherto untapped sources. Explaining what made so many royal dynasties drop out of history in such a decidedly unregal manner, he goes on to detail the irreparable damage this phenomenon wreaked on German political culture.

• the spectacular downfall of the German monarchy
• intriguing historical material related in a lively and entertaining manner

Press acclaim:
After reading this superbly written book laced with sarcastic humour, you will know exactly why there was never any chance of restoring the monarchy in Germany. Die Zeit

A book at once profound and light – indisputably entertaining and eminently readable. Süddeutsche Zeitung


dtv Sachbuch
432 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28085-3
22. April 2016