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Amongst Loners

What constitutes a family today and who is actually part of it?

Angela and Erich are the parents, Simon and Katrin the children. Together they make up a family. But just listing the members doesn't mean it is a proper family. Erich and Angela have found their niches long ago, and Simon and Katrin also do their own thing. But what happens to this disintegrating family when the mother dies aged 45? Silence reigns, the mother's death is a taboo subject, as is the collapse of the family. Simon is the only one to deal with the issue head on - he starts to write about it and makes up an entirely different family history.

From the perspective of the parents and the children, Christopher Kloeble traces a web of obsession, yearning and isolation that divides this family as much as it holds it together.


dtv Literatur
180 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24665-1
Oktober 2008