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The Ghetto Swinger

A Jazz Legend

Coco Schumann was born in Berlin in 1924, and discovered jazz and swing music at the age of thirteen. Thanks to his Aryan looks and his cheeky Berlin tongue, Schumann, half Jewish, not only escapes deportation until 1943 but performs almost daily in bars and clubs, first as a guitarist and later ...

Operation Sea Lion

"I saw Kenneth Strong from military intelligence this evening. ... Strong has a great regard for German efficiency and cannot bring himself to believe that they could have been so stupid, as to send these ... spies ... over here without having schooled them properly and worked out plans by ...

From Obedience to Freedom

Resistance biographies

"My prime objective was to portray people who stand as role models because they knew that the time was right to ask themselves: What do I stand for and what am I prepared to die for? "

The portraits of six people who decided to actively resist ...

The Woman from Flanders

Love in the Third Reich

Her name was Adriana. She was Belgian by birth and the widow of a German. When she died at a ripe old age in a retirement home in Germany, all she had left to her name was a case filled with photographs, letters and documents. The photos reveal her to have been an extraordinarily attractive and ...

Adolf Hitler – Key Questions Answered

Decades after the end of the Third Reich, after the demise of Adolf Hitler and his regime, people still ask this question. After many years of intensive research into the Nazi-era and on the basis of new, partially unknown sources, the author comes up with well-founded, concise and often ...
Rights sold: Latvia, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey

A History of Music

With notes and black and white illustrations

Do you like Brahms? Or Mozart? Then you know that listening to music is, above all, a sensual experience the appeals to the mind, heart and body. What influence does music have on the physical-mental framework of the listener? How did the artistic craft of music develop? How is a composer ...