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The Gift of the Stars

Inspiration is the greatest gift of all
The sage Zhuang Zhou has long been a thorn in the eye of Prince Yan, who views the great philosopher's discourse as highly rebellious. Yan orders one of his soldiers, Min Teng, to murder the philosopher. However, the soldier is taken ...

Radio Hearts

Music was his first love

For the past 15 years, Fred has been working for the same radio station, where he moderates "Radio Hearts," a program about heartache and romance, despite the fact this isn't really his thing. Unfortunately, his boss Ewald has noticed and has ordered him to ...

Valentina's Search for Happiness

"Don't settle for contentment. Always strive for happiness…"

…on her way home, thirty-year-old Valentina can still hear her grandmother's words. When the train pulls in at a station, she meets the eyes of a young man who is staring at her from the platform, and in that brief ...