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Making Mountains Out Of Molehills

Why getting upset over nothing makes perfect sense

Of course, we often tear our hair out over trivialities because we've got a headache, or perhaps we're just having a bad day. But there is a lot more to it than that. The little things that drive us to distraction are ...


A challenge

Better conflict in the interest of better togetherness
Fighting is interesting. Fighting makes you more clever. Fighting is essential - for both societies and individuals, professionally and personally. A good fight forces us to organise arguments and consider points to our opponents.

Au Pair Grannies Take on the World

The children have left home, retirement has come and gone, so what now? A trip abroad is a great opportunity to make new friends and enjoy new things: a chance for fresh ideas to take root. When she founded the Granny Au-Pair agency, Michaela Hansen created a platform for international cultural ...

The Office Coach

Optimum solutions for problems at work

Expert advice - proven in the field

We spend 38.5 hours per week in the office, and more often than not that means stress. Nicola Holzapfel examines the typical daily frustration factors, and demonstrates how we can strive for a more harmonious atmosphere in the ...

dtv-Atlas Nutrition

With 82 charts in colour by Jörg Mair

Nutrition is a vital part of healthy living, and interest in questions of nutrition is great. While an almost unlimited wealth of groceries is available, many people are disconcerted by constant scandals and no longer know what can be eaten safely. Some people just 'eat what they like', while ...
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dtv-Atlas Acupuncture

With 135 charts in colour by Ulrike Brugger

The history of acupuncture - Methodical prerequisites - Diagnostic - The theory of the conduits and channels - The theory of the acupuncture points - The practice - Western models of explanation and modifications of acupuncture - Bibliography - Index - Glossary

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Writing My Way To Health

A 12-Week Program to Good Health and Balance

Numerous studies indicate that fifteen minutes of writing every day can improve your health

Today, many doctors practice "reparatory medicine" with their patients, instead of simply searching for the causes of their complaints. Assisted by doctor and writing therapist Silke Heimes, ...

Handbook of Autogenic Training

Basics, Techniques, Applications

This standard handbook has been in print with dtv since 1977 and has gone through thirteen editions. It was first revised and extended in 1981. The subject of autogenic training has undergone considerable changes since then, and Sven Olaf Hoffmann, the son of the author and himself a ...
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Taking Time

How to free yourself from everything superfluous

Time is the essence of life

Family, work, friends, hobbies-everyone knows the feeling that there just isn't enough time for everything. But the point is not how much time we have at our disposal -it's how we fill it. How do we make the best of our time when it's constantly being ...

How I Overcame my Fears

and how you can do the same

We're all afraid. We all worry. So the question is not whether you're afraid, but how often, for how long and to what extent. Thomas Hohensee was among those who suffered greatly from anxiety. Looking for a way out, he found himself mired in a maze of hopeless dead ends, none of which offered ...

Confessions of a Mother-to-be and Blunt Truths from a Mother-of-three

The nine months up to a birth are chock-full of pregnancy books, midwife meetings and doctor's appointments. The only problem is, no one answers the all-important questions properly. Until now, that is! Caro, 29, pregnant, asks Lisa, also 29 and a mother of three, for her report from the ...

Relaxed Like a Buddha

The art of rising above things

Anxieties and worries, stresses and strains both large and small - they often make life difficult. Quite apart from the global crises and disruptions, we all have our own individual problems. Remaining calm amidst all this is easier said than done. And yet Thomas Hohensee shows us that it ...