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Living For The Moment

My life after being diagnosed with cancer

A touching but optimistic report

In the summer of 2006, Kora Decker received a devastating diagnosis: breast cancer. Overnight, her life was changed forever. There would no longer be such a thing as a normal, everyday life; no work, no planning for the future, nothing but the prospect of ...

You Don’t Have To Go Away To Get Where You Are

Paths to a Self-Determined Life

Are you about to make major changes once more?

In their efforts to harmoniously reconcile career and family, women are especially susceptible to putting themselves under serious pressure. They achieve professional success, and their partners and children lack for nothing, ...

Handbook of Autogenic Training

Basics, Techniques, Applications

This standard handbook has been in print with dtv since 1977 and has gone through thirteen editions. It was first revised and extended in 1981. The subject of autogenic training has undergone considerable changes since then, and Sven Olaf Hoffmann, the son of the author and himself a ...
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Get Up and Take Charge of Your Life!

Life-changing ideas for beginners and advanced learners

How to stop all your sentences ending in "but…"

We've no real reason to complain-but it doesn't seem to stop us because there's always that niggle of dissatisfaction. Why do we always feel there's something amiss in areas where things ought to be running smoothly-in our ...

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Forget Popularity - Just be Happy

Learn how to take what you want from life!

Yes I can! Learning the power of assertiveness

Overambitious colleagues taking credit for others' achievements, petulant bosses, supercilious waiters and road-hogs-all too often we respond to them with impotent silence or even a forced smile. Why don't we ...

Friends, Parents, Teachers

...and other everyday problems

Help and advice for 9 to 13-year-olds

How do I manage to get into so many arguments with my friends? Why are my parents constantly nagging me about my homework? What have I done to deserve a sister who's such a total waste of space? All 9 to 13-year-olds will have asked themselves ...