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The Improbable Encounter of Paul Celan and Martin Heidegger

The poet and the philosopher. Death Fugues and Black Books - The Meeting in Todtnauberg

On July 25, 1967, Holocaust survivor Paul Celan and antisemitic philosopher Martin Heidegger met each other. Two other meetings followed. This is the fascinating story of the two poets and ...

I Did It Norway!

Discovering the Nordic Way of life

Norwegians adore challenges and life in the Great Outdoors and Alva Gehrmann leaps head first into this adventurous world: she sets off into the choppy seas, accompanies a Sami family on a reindeer hike, and participates in music festivals in the midst of lonely mountain landscapes. The author ...

Who Owns Islam?

An imam’s case against black-and-white thinking

From preaching hate to promoting enlightenment
Kamouss is one of the most well-known imams in Germany, where he was once considered the "popstar of the Salafist scene." Since then, his perspective on Islam has fundamentally changed. This book presents his self-critical ...

Home Made in India

A love story between Delhi and Berlin

"In order to love India, I had to get to know Germany again."

Indians, Germans, and an author seeking to answer the question: What is home? Since his marriage to Indian native Saskya, Christopher Kloeble is a notarized "Person of Indian Heritage." In this insightful, ...

Tchaikovsky: Life and work

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) was considered Russia's greatest composer even during his lifetime, and he still is to this day. Classical music aficionados love his work, which was all composed over the course of three decades. But the composer's life was dogged by ...

Johannes Brahms

A Biography

From "wunderkind" to "Beethoven's successor": Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) produced his first compositions when he was in his early teens and was considered a child prodigy. By the end of his life he was regarded as one of the most famous composers of his time, even if critical opinion of his ...