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Wolf City

Janek wakes up - and finds himself alone. All the people have disappeared and the animals and plants seem to be gradually repossessing the city. Vacillating between excitement and panic, Janek wanders the streets with his missing neighbour's dog, walking in circles around his school over and ...

Holly Himmelblau

Unmagical Friend Wanted

Holly lives in Castle Hinkelzuberge in the magical Dark Forest. Bored by the countless enchanted princesses, sensitive fairies, vain unicorns, outrageous witches, sorcerers, soothsayers and Co., the witch girl yearns for an absolutely unmagical, unwitchy normal best friend.Isa suddenly appears at ...
Volume: 1

Ocean City III

Hour of Truth

Jackson and Crockie are back in Ocean City, where they get busted sooner than they'd expected, and they land in jail in the power center underneath the city. Here, the insidious game Clark Kellington has been playing with them all along is revealed. He is constantly pulling the strings, watching ...
Rights sold: France
Volume: 3

My Big Monster Activity Book

Monster-themed colouring and puzzle fun

Monsters are cool - and this book contains a gazillion of them. In the first four chapters, there are, for example, bubble monsters, hairy monsters, snouted monsters, and spiky monsters to colour, monster tails and monster caves ...

Ocean City II

In the Rebel Stronghold

Escape from Ocean City

Everyone in Ocean City is hunting for Jackson and Crockie! However, as the floating metropolis draws close to the mainland, the friends are able to slip away and make it ashore. This is where they need to hunt for the banished rebel leader, the man they want ...

Rights sold: France
Volume: 2

Spacekids – Attack from Outer Space!

It's the year 2200, and the Spacekids-Perry, Lea, Marvin and Emily-and their crew have their work cut out for them if they're to fulfil their perilous mission of exploring and colonising the Planet of the Children, a duplicate Planet Earth. Because contrary to their expectations, the planet is ...

Volume: 2

The Secret of Tylandor

It's been more than a thousand years since all the inhabitants of Tylandor, the ancient city of magicians, disappeared overnight. They left behind only their books and magical devices. Over the years, the city was repopulated, but the sorcerers' magical gift seemed lost forever. That is until the ...

Space Kids

Top Secret: the planet of children

It is an extremely dangerous mission-and no one has prepared them. But nothing less than the future of humanity is at stake! Emerging from a dip in a lake, Perry, Lea, Marvin and Emily find themselves in the year 2200 aboard a gigantic spaceship!

Volume: 1

Friends of the Night

Being friends with Lea is rather special. She always has the craziest ideas - and she can always rely on her friend Jojo to help put them into action. But when she turns up in his garden on Midsummer's Night urging him to make a celebratory solstice fire on the banks of the river, he ...

Rights sold: PR China

Beware of the Ghosthunters!

Ben has discovered a real gap in the market -he's going to become a ghost hunter. There's just one small hitch-he can't find any ghosts! Even the dilapidated villa-a real house of horrors-seems devoid of any spiritual presence, and the woman who finally ...

The Eye of the Fly

The UnderDocks Saga - Volume 2

Hamburg, 2051: a nocturnal raid in the school, a series of burglaries in public buildings and hospitals-and an intruder in the Underdocks secret headquarters! Is it all just coincidence-or something more?

Leon and his superhero team feel their safety is at risk and are ...

Volume: 2

The Revenge of the Superheroes

A gigantic meteorite is on a direct collision course towards Mega-City, and the superheroes have their work cut out! But right now they are busy proving to Leon that they are also capable of being quite normal, which means suspending their super-powers and super-senses. They are being supported ...

Volume: 1