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Holly Himmelblau

Unmagical Friend Wanted

Holly lives in Castle Hinkelzuberge in the magical Dark Forest. Bored by the countless enchanted princesses, sensitive fairies, vain unicorns, outrageous witches, sorcerers, soothsayers and Co., the witch girl yearns for an absolutely unmagical, unwitchy normal best friend.Isa suddenly appears at ...


An Elk’s Journey to Happiness

A lovesick elk on a road trip

Young Henning, an elk with a TV career, leads what many would consider a wonderful life in a German zoo. He is petted and groomed every day, and has even become a TV star. If only it weren't for the lovely Finja back in his distant homeland, Sweden!

Jacky Marrone: In Search of Golden Claw (vol. I)

Quirky, funny, endearing - here comes Jacky Marrone!

Jacky Marrone is a streetwise fox and private detective with an extraordinary knack for tricky cases. His first case unfolds at breakneck speed: the disappearance of a hen that can lay golden eggs. During his investigation, ...

Rights sold: Spain (cast.)
Volume: 1

Sandal Weather

A love story

Karl really doesn't know what's wrong with him. He's not really ill, but whenever Charlotte is around he feels totally weird. And whenever Charlotte happens to be looking at him, the most embarrassing things keep happening to him. Karl thinks Charlotte is great. But then so does the horrible swot Adrian.

Friederike Köpf

Baby Grandma

When Grandma grew old and young

Lumi is far from enthusiastic when her Grandma suddenly moves in with her family. Her Grandma who even forgets that she has a granddaughter, who repeats the same things over and over again, and who secretly crumbles her tablets into the cracks ...