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The School above the Clouds

Even angels have to go to school

It's the first day of class at the school above the clouds! Angelina, a guardian angel-in-training, has reached her goal. What will the other angel students be like? What do they already know about Earth and humans? Luckily, Angelina ...

Monty the Vampire II

Danger at Full Moon

Monty and his family are beside themselves with worry: the sun is about to come up and there's still no sign of Grandma Isabella! Monty is convinced that the only person he can turn to now is Lucy, his plucky human friend. But the minute he sets off to find her, it happens again: Monty ...

Monty the Vampire

What a mess! Monty the little vampire is supposed to attack his first victim during a lunar eclipse - all on his own! Not easy - especially if you're more partial to grape-juice than you are to blood! It's just as well that he bumps into the adventurous Luzi, who would ...

Rights sold: France, Turkey

The Secret of Dinosaur Island

Max is on a seaside holiday in the South of England with his father and new step-family. The shoreline stretches for 150 kilometres and is known throughout the world as the Jurassic Coast due to its richness in fossils. When Max's boat capsizes as he sets out for the uninhabited Dinosaur ...

Rights sold: Turkey