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Ocean City II

In the Rebel Stronghold

Escape from Ocean City
Everyone in Ocean City is hunting for Jackson and Crockie! However, as the floating metropolis draws close to the mainland, the friends are able to slip away and make it ashore. This is where they need to hunt for the banished rebel leader, the man they ...
Rights sold: France
Volume: 2

Ocean City III

Hour of Truth

Jackson and Crockie are back in Ocean City, where they get busted sooner than they'd expected, and they land in jail in the power center underneath the city. Here, the insidious game Clark Kellington has been playing with them all along is revealed. He is constantly pulling the strings, watching ...
Rights sold: France
Volume: 3

First Day Fun!

Patterns, doodles and crafts for the first day at school

The perfect gift for first-graders

Your first day at school is a very special event - so it needs to be celebrated in style and recorded for posterity! This book is sure to make this significant milestone unforgettable. What did you do? Who did you meet and ...

The Bewildered Romans

A time-travel story for you to help solve

In order to escape the excruciating boredom of six weeks' summer holiday, Tim uses his Teletimer to travel to the era of the Roman Empire. The little time machine is working perfectly and before he knows it, Tim becomes Timotheus, who is about to be taken on as assistant to Nikodemus, the ...

The Bewildered Knights

A time-travel mystery for you to help solve

Can you imagine anything more mind-bogglingly dull than having to prepare a school project on knights? Fortunately for Tim, the Teletimer - Uncle Harold's time-travel device - comes to the rescue: all of a sudden Tim finds himself in medieval times, right in front of the ...

Rights sold: France, Spain

Outmanoeuvred and Off Target!

40 Cases for Football Fans

40 challenges for puzzle fans

For this football book you need quick wits not fancy footwork, as you won't get anywhere without exercising your powers of deduction. Oskar the reporter who is sent by his paper to report on a major football fixture soon realises that muscle ...

Rights sold: Czech Republic, France, Turkey, Spain (cast.)

Desta and the Garden Pond Labyrinth

Wild and dangerous - the world of the garden pond

A terrible fright for Desta: while trying to poke a lily pad with a stick, she plunges into the garden pond. It is vast and deep, and suddenly, Desta is not only wet, but also tiny and trapped in the underwater world. She must solve ...