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Wolf City

Janek wakes up - and finds himself alone. All the people have disappeared and the animals and plants seem to be gradually repossessing the city. Vacillating between excitement and panic, Janek wanders the streets with his missing neighbour's dog, walking in circles around his school over and ...

Sugared Pretzels: My holidays with Marie

A holiday adventure story about first love

It's day one of the holiday in France-the first day at the beach. When ten-year-old Max sets eyes on Marie, a French girl his own age, it's like he's been struck by lightning. From that point on, she's all he can think about, from her dark ...

Eerily Perfect Friends

Just imagine your reflection comes to life. And solves your problems! Frido thinks this is amazing. His perfect mirror image steps out of a magic mirror, and offers to go to school on Frido's behalf. Math, grammar - his super-me can sail through all of it. Unfortunately though, he is completely ...

The Little Christmas Devil and the Cursed Wish List

A little devil rescues Christmas
Otibuk is much too small and much too nice compared to the other devils. And he doesn't feel at home at all in the dark lighthouse that smells of spiderwebs and dirty diapers. One day while outdoors, he notices two lovely, glittering creatures.

Tilda’s Animal Gang - Whiskers, the Fuzzy Wishing Rabbit

A warm, bubbly feeling from the first page to the last

What could possibly be more charming than the Animal Gang? Tilda and her friends from Truffle Street spend every day off from school with Muffin the woolly pig, Kasi the silky chicken, and Whiskers the angora rabbit. When the ...

Volume: 2

Tilda’s Animal Gang

A woolly pig in the living room!

Six new kids-three boys and three girls-have just moved into a small estate of terraced houses on what used to be a farm. The clever Tilda starts a gang with two other girls, Tomma and Tati. They call themselves Tilda's Animal Gang, and their mission is to look after three animals-a hairy pig, a ...
Volume: 1

Luzie’s Mad World II – the Guinea Pig’s Luck

Luzie is nine years old, has a big heart and a head full of crazy ideas. She loves animals more than anything-most of all Herkules, her guinea pig. He is as soft as cotton wool, really cuddly and just a little bit magical! Life would be just perfect if it wasn't for Leon next door and his mean ...

Volume: 2

Luzie’s Mad World

Luzie is nine. She's a bit on the small side, but she has a big heart and a head full of crazy ideas. She loves animals more than anything-most of all Herkules, her guinea pig. So when she discovers that he's in danger and that Leon-the leader of the Nasty Horror Gang-is behind it, she does ...

Rights sold: Lithuania
Volume: 1

The Eye of the Fly

The UnderDocks Saga - Volume 2

Hamburg, 2051: a nocturnal raid in the school, a series of burglaries in public buildings and hospitals-and an intruder in the Underdocks secret headquarters! Is it all just coincidence-or something more?

Leon and his superhero team feel their safety is at risk and are ...

Volume: 2

The HarbourCity Conspiracy

The UnderDocks

Hamburg 2050: Leon's journey to school takes him right through the middle of the dreaded Sharks gang's hunting-ground. The gang strikes fear into the hearts of all and sundry, and 12-year-old Leon - one of their favourite victims - has been wanting to organise resistance ...

Volume: 1

SOS at the Cross Summit

An adventure involving climate and the weather

Hikers in distress! While on a mountain hike, Benny, Anna and Dorian witness the work of the mountain rescue service at close quarters when two tourists completely overestimate their stamina. The next day, their search for rock crystals leads the children into increasingly steep terrain. Almost ...

Rights sold: Turkey

The Lair Of The Anaconda

dtv Tiger Eye - Jungle

When he is given permission to visit his father in the Ecuadorian jungle, Paul doesn't guess for a moment what a tight spot he'll end up in! Paul's father is spending a few months researching snakes, and unfortunately has no time to show his son around the dense rainforest, so Paul heads off an ...

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