Coverbild Penguins and Pack Ice – The Polar Regions von Karoline Stürmer, ISBN-978-3-423-62322-3

Penguins and Pack Ice – The Polar Regions

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Our past and our future are buried beneath the ice.

The ice-cap in the Arctic and Antarctic has always played a crucial role in the earth’s complex eco-system. So this 740,000-year old ice contains valuable information about the climatic changes which took place in the distant past. Yet not only is the past buried deep within the ice, but it also holds the key to our future: as the polar regions are particularly vulnerable to the effects of global warming there has been an increasing focus on monitoring any changes in these areas. Despite this - leaving aside penguins and polar-bears -, we know surprisingly little about the life that abounds in the polar environment.

Based on the latest findings and personal accounts by international polar experts, Karoline Stürmer provides us with everything we need to know about the poles and their impact on man and the environment. The text is supplemented by information boxes, diagrams and spectactular photographic material.

A voyage of discovery into a landscape of ice, which abounds with all kinds of fascinating life.

Short-listed for the Deutscher Jugendbuchpreis / Non-Fiction 2008
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304 pages, Age 12 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-62322-3

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About the author

Karoline Stürmer

Karoline Stürmer, born in 1967, trained as a journalist after completing a PhD in biology. As a freelance science journalist, she writes for the “Frankfurter Allgemeine” and other major magazines. She lives in Regensburg, Bavaria.