Coverbild The School above the Clouds von Annika Philips, ISBN-978-3-423-76223-6

The School above the Clouds

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Even angels have to go to school

It’s the first day of class at the school above the clouds! Angelina, a guardian angel-in-training, has reached her goal. What will the other angel students be like? What do they already know about Earth and humans? Luckily, Angelina quickly makes some new friends. They can’t wait to take their first field trip down to Earth. However, when the day finally comes, their teacher is missing. Although it is strictly forbidden, the angels make the risky decision to go on the trip all on their own.

A wonderful family book - for reading aloud and for independent readers 8 and above.

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176 pages, Age 8 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76223-6
About the author

Annika Philips

As Annika Philips is a true bookworm, she searched for a job that had something to do with books. And when what she found still wasn’t enough, she decided to start writing books herself. Annika Philips lives with her family in Munich. This is her debut.
About the illustrator

Lisa Hänsch

Lisa Hänsch was born in 1988. She studied design and illustration in Münster and now lives in Brühl. As well as illustrating children‘s books, she works as a cartoon illustrator and animator.