Floretta the Girl Knight

Riding and hunting and going on adventurous quests – that’s what Floretta imagines life would be like out there in the big wide world. But what use is a castle and all the trappings of knighthood to the daughter of one-eyed robber baron Oswald von Wolkenstein when her father never lets her beyond the castle gates? If Floretta can manage to tame the white stag, she’ll be granted three wishes, and she knows exactly what she wants: a sword, a horse and a coat of arms. It’s just as well that headstrong Floretta has her tame raven Barbarossa to help her, as well as Felix, the wily son of the neighbouring castle’s family. Felix also has three wishes: NO sword, NO horse and NO coat of arms. Now the time has come for the children to prove that they are real knights!


dtv Junior
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76042-3
1. Dezember 2011