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Cainstorm Island I

The Hunted
You can┬┤t escape themEmilio lives on Cainstorm Island, which is destabilized by overpopulation, poverty, and violence. One day, Eyevision - a company from wealthy, high-tech Asaria - offers to implant a chip inside his head. This chip will be attached to his optic nerve, and for thirty minutes a day, everything that Emilio sees will be sent directly to his video stream. His videos of daring climbing and train surfing activities will be streamed to the Asarians, and the more reckless the stunts, the more viewers he will win.
But then Emilio ends up in a gang-dominated area, where he kills one of the leaders in self-defense. Live on the air. The video goes viral, and Emilio becomes the hunted - a heart-pounding chase through the slums of a megacity ensues, as millions of viewers watch.
  • A dystopian action thriller for adrenalin-junkies
Volume: 1


dtv Junior
336 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-74064-7
21. Mai 2021