I, Caesar, and the Roman Gang

Live from Ancient Rome

A very different Ancient Rome

All Hell has broken loose in Hades. The ancient Romans are outraged at the people of today and their dull half-lies about their glory years. In this book, Romulus, Caesar and Nero, and their many friends and foes are finally able to speak for themselves. Live and unvarnished, they provide their own versions of history. Readers will learn why two best friends had to battle each other in a gladiatorial fight, why Cleopatra allowed herself to be wrapped in a rug, and why people should avoid eating geese. You will be right there as conspiracies are concocted and secrets are overheard. Whenever the Romans fight or celebrate, chaos is not far behind…

  • Top Subject: “Ancient Rome” in the format of a friendship book with fact pages
  • With humorous illustrations by Ramona Wultschner
Volume: 2


dtv Junior
216 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71855-4
13. März 2020
Rights sold: Czech Republic, PR China, Poland, Hungary