What are the Odds of Getting Even?

18 1/2 cases for math fans

Even as a small boy, Heinz was a maths genius, which explains why everyone calls him Number One Heinz. But as well as numbers, Heinz also loves playing tricks on people. This other passion lays the foundation for his future career: Heinz becomes a crook. Meanwhile Harry, his childhood friend, joins the police, and as an adult he ends up chasing Number One Heinz, who gets involved with one racket after another.

18 (un)calculable cases to make your head spin: this is a perfect book for maths fans and number crunchers – and everyone who wants to become one. How does Zero Joe manage to crack the code of his prison cell? When is payday? And how do the crooks divide the booty up between them? It’s enough to make Superintendent Harry work up a sweat – and you will too!


dtv Junior
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71425-9
1. Auflage, Juli 2010