A Short History of Germany Since 1945

A compact, vivid and informative introduction to German history from 1945 to the present.

In twelve clearly structured chapters, Jürgen Weber describes the history of Germany after the Second World War, including its beginnings under allied occupation, the changing roles and influences of the Eastern and Western blocks and the Federal Republic of today following the 'sudden and unexpected reunification'. The most significant events, the patterns of historical development and the main forces behind the last fifty years are analysed in an accessible, succinct and vivid way. Each chapter is complemented by clear chronological tables featuring crucial dates and facts, and the account is rounded off by a selection of secondary literature. This is a lively historiography, a coherent chronicle of recent history and, at the same time, a solid reference work for anyone seeking quick and reliable information on recent German history.


dtv Sachbuch
416 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-30830-4
3. Auflage, Januar 2006
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