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Writing My Way to Slimness

A 12-week program to a healthy, feel-good weight

Writing works better than any diet

Most diets end up in a yo-yo effect which often masks the actual reasons for unhealthy eating habits. Physician and writing therapist Silke Heimes helps us to develop easily implemented strategies for a healthy and sustainable weight reduction. Her recipe: twelve weeks of writing, fifteen minutes a day.

Armed with inspiring and motivational writing prompts, we will be able to detect our unfavorable eating tendencies and figure out our personally optimal dietary habits. If we can acknowledge the connection between eating and emotions through writing, we will no longer fall into the trap of suppressing our negative emotions through eating. And if we learn to listen to the signals from our body and to deflect unrealistic, media-generated ideals, we will reach our feel-good weight.

  • With this 12-week program, work your way to a healthy, feel-good weight


dtv Ratgeber
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28251-2
18. Dezember 2020