How Germany Came to be Divided

From the Capitulation to the Establishment of the Two German States, 1945-1949

From the four zones, two nations emerged

At the Potsdam Conference in July and August 1945, the “Big Three” - the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the American President Harry Truman, and the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, discussed the future borders of Europe, the reparation payments, and the administration of the occupation zones. There was little agreement on any of this, and thus, the Cold War began. In 1949, the Federal Republic of Germany arose from the western zones, while the eastern zone became the German Democratic Republic. A vivid, succinct history of the post-war period from the surrender through the years of occupation policies and everyday existence, denazification, currency reform, and the Berlin Blockade up to the founding of the two German states.

- A history of post-war Germany - from a renowned modern historian


dtv Sachbuch
424 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28158-4
31. Mai 2018