Mathilda, or Someone Always Dies

The deceptive demeanor of Dettebüll

“What a splendid, sunny October day, Mathilda thought contentedly as her dog George peed on the the tree in Selma’s front yard.”

Mathilda loves Dettebüll, her village in North Frisia, its inhabitants, and her family. Well, everyone except for Ilse, her mother, that spawn of malevolence. One day, turmoil spreads throughout the village as strangers express interest in the meadows of Dettebüll. However, change of any kind is torture for Mathilda. And so she starts battling for peace in her village. Unfortunately, her efforts prove deadly for several villagers. She really couldn’t help that, though.

  • A tender, odd comedy about an idyllic country village into which the disdainful, coarse outside world finds its way.
  • Bestselling author with over 5 million copies sold


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
464 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26249-1
12. März 2020