Porn Chic

the pornographication of everyday life

The ubiquity of pornography has far-reaching consequences, particularly for children and young people consequences that make it more than a phenomenon of our liberated age.

The anonymity of the internet has led to a surge in amateur pornography. Explicit song lyrics, SM-inspired outfits and student porn parties are all the rage. Pornography no longer lurks in the shadows; it now basks in the full light of day, unashamed, freely discussed, openly flaunted. It is impossible to ignore: porn is chic – to the point where pornographic elements have become an integral part of the cultural mainstream.

Children and adolescents are exposed to an unprecedented sensory overload, readily accessible via smartphones and computers, and use it as a springboard for role-play of their own. Anyone unable or unwilling to align themselves with such pornographic idolatry will soon find themselves ostracized.

Nicola Steffen’s comprehensive assessment of this phenomenon is based on ten years of socio-cultural research. Backed up by numerous examples, she vividly describes the escalating pornographication of society, analyzing its cultural and social implications on a global scale.


dtv Sachbuch
300 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26031-2
1. Oktober 2014