Betrayed, Duped and Brainwashed

The Fate of Children in the 20th Century

How lives were shaped in an »Age of extremes«

The fate of the children who were displaced, lost in the turmoil of war, and taken from their families by totalitarian regimes has been largely neglected hitherto. The historian Peter Hartl has interviewed a number of those concerned and analysed a wide range of source material. He provides a series of telling biographies, such as that of the boy who grew up in a family devoted wholeheartedly to the Regime, only to discover, at the end of the war, that he was in fact Polish; or the son who was given up for adoption by force because his mother had “illegally emigrated” from the GDR, who goes on to discover after reunification that he has two mothers who couldn’t be more different: one a communist party activist, the other a dissident.


dtv Sachbuch
220 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24618-7
1. Auflage, September 2007
Rights sold: Czech Republic